ANASTASYA Releases Debut Album Diary From Darkness

Indonesian female-fronted Gothic Metal group ANASTASYA released their debut full length Diary From Darkness this month. The young group from Jakarta, Indonesia started in 2009 but made this year the year to debut their fully evolved strengths to the world in the release of Diary From Darkness. Below is a preview of the release which can be found here.


SOLAMNIA Releases New Album Those Of Honor

The Finnish Melodic Death Metal group SOLAMNIA recently released their debut album Those of Honor. The album infuses both the Gothenburg style melodic death metal sound along with a gothic influenced power metal sound. A very unique blend of tonal changes, use of instrumentals and female vocals that dance around the bellowing death metal growls. Their album can be previewed below and purchased here.


STRYVIGOR – Героям (2014)

I bring to you today some Atmospheric Black Metal from Khmelnitsky,Ukraine. The track below is from the upcoming album “Forgotten by Ages” to be released in 2014. STRYVIGOR was created by former members of the band Vendogard Khladogard, Rungvar and Dusk of the Endless Battle fall of 2012 in Khmelnitsky. ”Stryvihor” means the river that flows into the majestic Carpathian Mountains , the river that carries a rapid flow of the wisdom of our ancestors, from past to present. The album […]


ERED WETHRIN Debut Album Online

Besides the extremely successful CALADAN BROOD and GALLOWBRAID, ERED WETHRIN is the 3rd band from Salt Lake City, Utah, that signed to Northern Silence, and occasionally it may remind the listener of CALADAN BROOD or SUMMONING. While the lyrics also deal with epic fantasy themes (Horus Heresy, Black Company, Malazan Book of the Fallen, etc.), the style of the music tends more towards the Scandinavian Symphonic Black Metal of the 90s on the one hand, reminiscent of bands like THY […]


LUX OCCULTA – Kołysanki

After thirteen years of silence, LUX OCCULTA return with their fifth studio release titled Kołysanki. The Polish metal act began as a black metal group but later evolved into more of an extreme avant-garde project. Most bands with such a long silence end up crumbling apart but in this case, they can return with a much more evolved and different sound, as if being reborn into a new entity. If someone had told you in 1996 that eighteen years later Lux […]


UTTER – Utter Darkness

Now here comes a duo from The Netherlands called UTTER. This duo presents to us their debut release Utter Darkness which was recorded this month. Nydoom does vocals, bass and guitars while Bartbaar does percussions and mouth harp. The band plays a unique style of raw black metal. The album begins with the track “Psychotic Whirlwind” which starts with clicking sounds then goes straight into raw, bleak black metal. The vocals are very raw and raspy and aggressive while the drums […]


POISON Frontman Bret Michaels’ New Solo Single

An audio sample of POISON frontman Bret Michaels’s new solo single, “A Beautiful Soul”, is available at Amazon.com. The song will be made available digitally on April 1st, with a video to follow on April 2nd. Bret Michaels will perform “A Beautiful Soul” on the April 2 edition of “Oprah’s Lifeclass”. “Stemming from fans who were inspired by Bret’s interview with Jetset magazine and reading everything he has gone through, get ready for a very special event taking place on […]


UPON OUR CREATION – Revelation Of Our Race

I don’t often review deathcore music on here. Not saying I’m not a fan of the music but there are many other sites out there that specialize in the genre already but I felt like I had to review this debut EP from the local Los Angeles solo project of Alex Ippolito. Alex is the guitarist of The Hollowing (ex-Love On The Lips Of A Whore) and Upon Our Creation is his personal solo project. His debut release is a […]



My friend Resington on YouTube posted this video last year to show how he records music on GarageBand for all you metal artists who would like to either start recording or want to get a better sound. Hope his video helps and please subscribe to him!



Now is the list for my top ten doom metal acts. As you all may know, I’ve done my top ten death metal bands so I figured I would continue this trend. 1. PARADISE LOST 2. MY DYING BRIDE 3. KATATONIA 4. ANATHEMA 5. HANGING GARDEN 6. SHAPE OF DESPAIR 7. SOURCE OF DEEP SHADOWS 8. TIAMAT 9. CEMETERY OF SCREAM 10. WELL OF SOULS