NOKTURNAL MORTUM – Істина (Verity)

Ukraine’s Nokturnal Mortum have been in the black metal and folk scene since 1994 so their name is nothing new but this year they returned with the sacrifice known as Істина (Verity). With songs that speak of folklore and Slavonic paganism, you feel like you’re in the middle of lores past. The album is full of folk instruments, Slavic history and just master musicianship. Each track is like a story to be told of the past and keeps true to the band’s signature style and sound.

Nokturnal Mortum masterfully blends the sounds of their perfected symphonic melodies along with folk black metal that they have truly crafted to be their own. With the use of instruments such as the weellyre, drymba, telynka, and kobza, they truly bring in the folk feeling with the backing of modern guitars and drumwork. To blend the lines of their folk heritage into black metal and complete it all with the haunting keyboard tones in the background, this truly makes for a one of a kind voyage through times past. Tracks such as З чортом за пазухою (With Chort in My Bosom) and Дика вира (Wild Weregild) give that folk metal feel with the perfect blend of black metal. The use of native instruments and epic guitar riffs make each track enjoyable even if the songs are not in English.

All and all, this album is just a masterpiece yet again by Nokturnal Mortum. With moments of heaviness and bleak black metal to instrumental interludes of Slavic times past, this album has it all. If you are a fan of folk styled black metal such as Moonsorrow, Finntroll and Windir, then this album is perfect for you. Highly enjoyed every track from beginning to end and the great musicianship the group displays in this album.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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