Drummer Of A NIGHT IN TEXAS Leaves Band

Deathcore band A Night In Texas have announced that their drummer, Anthony Barone, is leaving the band.

On their Facebook, the band posted the following statement. Anthony’s statement is also included:

“We’re sad to announce the departure of our drummer Anthony Barone from A Night In Texas.

We have been through thick and thin with Anthony, he’s an amazing drummer and somebody the band will ALWAYS consider a dear friend. Anthony has help all of us push our limits as musicians and performers and for that we are always grateful. We wish him all the luck and love in the world with his future endeavours.”

You can read Anthonys statement below:

‘I’ve had some of the best times with these guys creating and performing music, and traveling to some of the most beautiful places I never thought i’d get to see. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to play in over 15+ countries with the band, spanning Asia, Europe and their native Australia. These are the memories that i’ll carry with me to my last days, no matter what. I thank the band for pushing my performance ability to a new level in always trying to keep up with them, and for all the great times we’ve had together on the road. There’s a special kind of bond created through the experiences you share with your friends while touring, through all the good and bad; and we’ll always have that.

I want to thank my friends who continue to support me and my decision to continue to pursue music and art. I know I may not be in close touch with everyone all of the time, but you all know who you are. I wish my best friends the best of luck in the future, but we’ll be hanging again sooner than later. Thanks for everything”


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