AARA – Anthropozän

Atmospheric black metal is one of my favorite subgenres of black metal because of the different emotions a band can create with just the tone and atmosphere. Relatively young Swiss duo known as Aara are carving a name for themselves after only being a project since last year. After the success of So Fallen Alle Tempel which was released earlier this year on Naturmacht Productions, the group officially joined Debemur Morti Productions to put out their epic opus titled Anthropozän.

Anthropozän is a 10:56 long track that is divided into movements. It flows beautifully as being a dark, epic and haunting story of the self-destruction of humankind through preoccupation with short-term comfort and pleasure-seeking. The vocals by Fluss are chilling, otherworldly and haunting. It is hard not to get chills hearing her screams as they feel like the screams of tortured souls reaching out through her voice. The instrumentals by Berg are so well crafted. With a epic, neo-classical take on the atmospheric black metal layout, the riffs and transitions are just masterfully written and executed.

Anthropozän is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants something that haunting, dark, epic, and chaotic all at the right times. Is this your everyday atmospheric black metal album? Absolutely not, this is not just metal, this is art just like a beautifully painted portrait in a dark gallery. This will both move you and intrigue you. Aara may be a band that’s young and just starting but they definitely have a sound that is all their own. I highly recommend this band and all that they have released so far as this band is going to go far.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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