CARNIFEX – World War X

If you know deathcore, then Carnifex shouldn’t need a proper introduction. These Californians have been putting a name for themselves within the extreme metal scene since 2005 making them among one of the most respected, consisted, hard-working and established bands within the genre. As a fan who’s been following the band since Hell Chose Me, they’ve have contributed themselves to try experimenting their sound with records such as Until I Feel Nothing, Die Without Hope and perhaps my favorite release of theirs being 2016’s Slow Death which marked growth, maturity and have maintained a death metal branch while incorporating black metal signatures with the songs bringing out a Cradle Of Filth and Emperor atmosphere which became a huge success for their songwriting, production and everything they’ve done progressively has surely made me a very happy fan.

With World War X, this continued right after Slow Death ended and rest assure, this is one punishing, tormenting and powerfully driven record that will make any longtime and newcomer fans from Carnifex be extremely satisfied and find themselves at home hearing the record. This album employs intelligent lyrics, exceptional instrumentation and magnificence of the vocal deliverance showing true talent what this Californian band offers. From frequent thrashy death metal guitars and exceptional potentialities, these guys increased their number of standout tracks with very brutal arrangements including viscous breakdowns and grinding assaults of drumming beats endlessly being strapped away to pure heaviness.

With songs including Eyes of the Executioner, World War X, By Shadows Thine Held, This Infernal Darkness, and Brushed by the Wings of Demons, majority of the guitar melodies and arrangements do bring out a Meshuggah-esque style guitar toning with crunching, staccato, upfront rhythms and immediately comes with speedy cruisers engaging a Black Dahlia Murder reminiscences of high and low vocal patterns from Scott Lewis and chunky riffs alongside blistering blasts and busting thrash beats sound absolutely phenomenal.

Then latter half of the album, it starts off steady with distorted, grumbling bass frequencies and choruses are infused together with enough melody which comes in noteworthy and it executed so perfectly. Overall, this is Carnifex’s wake up call to showcase how far they’ve came along the deathcore scene and World War X proved themselves to be hungrier, faster, more aggressive and steadying than they’ve ever been before in the long run they been together as a band.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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