FULL OF HELL Robbed, Forced To Drop Off Current Tour

Grindcore band Full of Hell were robbed last night, with their entire fan stolen. The band were forced to drop off their tour with Cattle Decapitation and Atheist. They are asking for donations via a GoFundMe to help rebuild.

Their full statement reads:

“Last night our entire van was stolen with all of our gear, merch and even most of our clothing. We’ve been touring for 10 years and have been lucky enough to have never been robbed before. There have been close calls but never anything like this. I feel completely crushed to lose all of the gear we spent years building and tinkering with along with our trustworthy van. I also feel completely ashamed to ask for anything from you guys but a friend has made us a gofundme to possibly help us rebuild. Anyone that knows us know that we’ve been gunning at 100% since we started but right now we are feeling very defeated. We are going to be dropping the rest of the dates with Cattle Decapitation, which might be the most crushing thing of all, because we never cancel tours. I’m just at a loss for words right now. We are feeling very low. Check this out if you want to. Thank you.

– Dylan



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