MONUMENTS Drummer Returns To Band

Monuments drummer Mike Maylan has returned to the band, following years of medical issues preventing him from playing. Daniel Lang (The Scratch) has been filling in during the intermediate years.

The band’s full announcement reads as follows:


We’re beyond excited to welcome Mike Malyan back to MONUMENTS as our full time drummer.
After 5 years of injuries, leading to surgery and physical therapy he was thankfully able to fully recover and get his ass behind the kit again… exactly where he belongs!

We’d like to thank Daniel Lang (Lango) for the years he put into this band. We played some of our biggest shows together during this time period and created some beautiful memories. Check out his other band ‘The Scratch’ if you like your music Irish. You’ll do nuthin.

We’re now deep into writing MONUMENTS IV and have tour dates lined up in Europe and the United States.

Again, put your hands together for the one and only, words McGee himself, Michael Malyan!”


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