HEAVEN SHALL BURN To Release Double-Album In The Spring

Melodic death metal outfit Heaven Shall Burn have announced a double-album, titled “Of Truth and Sacrifice”. The release is set to be about 100 minutes of new music, which is sure to satisfy fans who have waited since 2016 for new music from the band.

Guitarist Maik Weichert had the following to say:

“We decided that one album wasn’t good enough, but we wanted to create a double album as a statement. Our goal was a total work of art that people could dive into, something that leaves a lot of room for surprises and experiments. It was only fair to give our fans twice as much after letting them wait for so long.”

The track listing reads as follows:
March Of Retribution
Thoughts And Prayers
My Heart And The Ocean
What War Means
Terminate The Unconcern
The Ashes Of My Enemies

Children Of A Lesser God
La Résistance
The Sorrows Of Victory
Critical Mass
Eagles Among Vultures
Weakness Leaving My Heart

Preorders are set to go live in early January, so that’s probably when the first single will be released. “Of Truth and Sacrifice” is set to be released in the spring via Century Media Records.


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