Since 2004, Canada’s Beneath The Massacre have created bangers after bangers and as someone who’s been following the band since 2012’s Incongruous, they’ve signed to a new label being Century Media Records and created what it appears to be the heaviest, most technical sounding albums the band has done to date and Fearmonger is their first release in over eight years. From unique compositions, technical abilities and a massive momentum shift to lead onto a technical death metal approach, this album has taken naturalistic song variations, polished production, matured songwriting and a continuation that’s undeniably straightforward where the deathcore influences have been stripped a tad bit and borrowing track elements from Rings Of Saturn, Cytotoxin, The Faceless, Despised Icon, Necrophagist and Abiotic style heaviness which showcases a lot of progression upon hearing the album.

With tracks such as Of Gods and Machines, Return to Medusa, Hidden in Plain Sight and Tarnished Legacy, the members from Beneath The Massacre have accompanied to construct and create massive amounts of mentality which musically, atmospherically and lyrically proven themselves that they’re along the way to create their most distinguished and polished albums they’ve ever produced. From the experimented programming, progressive guitar leads, astonishingly beautiful drumming arrangements and department so masterfully mixed this release does a fantastic job keeping the songs more mid paced without any forces of competitiveness.

Vocally, Elliot Desgagnés has unleashed his stylistic formula featuring guttural lows, screeched highs and his range has been more professional than he ever has been in his entire career. But all in all, Fearmonger has definitely caught me by a instant surprise displaying the band’s heaviest material to date and has contributed their intelligence for extreme metal to be highly enjoyable experience. If you’re a fan of their past material, Fearmonger is a massive improvement which shows the next evolution onto new branches and heights.


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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