BEHEMOTH Announce New Album This Year

Nergal announced on his Instagram page that Behemoth will be releasing new studio album and the follow-up to I Loved You At Your Darkest (2018) later this year. A short sample of the new music has also been provided. More to follow.  


VOUS AUTRES Reveal New Music Video

French black metallers Vous Autres have put out a brand new video for the song “Vos Erreurs Consternantes”, now available for streaming below. It is taken from the band’s debut album, Champ Du Sang, released in March, 2019.  


DAWN OF OUROBOROS – The Art Of Morphology

Perhaps one of the most exciting and important bands that are hailing from the Bay Area known as Dawn Of Ouroboros have finally created a full-length album that is so incredibly diverse, this is something I’ve waited quite awhile and it truly shows that the underground extreme metal scene has gotten better and better as it goes by. Dawn Of Ouroboros play a hybrid of progressive death, atmospheric black, post black and melodic death metal that’s best described as if […]


MINISTRY Begin Work On New Album

As it has been revealed in a short statement on their Facebook page, Ministry will dedicate this (additional) quarantine time to work on their new full-length record, the follow-up to 2018’s AmeriKKKant.  



MPM: Please introduce yourself and what you do for the band. KRAANIUM: What is up everyone, my name is Jack and I am the vocalist of Kraanium and Septic Congestion. MPM: Joining Kraanium since 2017, how was the reception from the fans and media when you became the new vocalist? KRAANIUM: Oh man the response has been absolutely heartwarming! The fans have been super nice, and I could not ask for a better reception. But it is a bittersweet feeling, […]


UNMERCIFUL – Wrath Encompassed

Unmerciful are a brutal death metal band hailing all the way from Topeka, Kansas that’s been active in the scene little over 20 years into their career and with the first album since 2016’s Ravenous Impulse, Wrath Encompassed is the next chapter from the band through Willowtip Records. If you love Origin, Suffocation, and Dying Fetus then I feel this album is perfect for you. From the songs containing decent amounts of atmosphere, solid instrumentals, and a polished production this […]


DEFILER Release Parody Cover Of Trapt’s “Headstrong”

California deathcore band Defiler (The one famous for the “I wanna see you cry bitch!” phrase from the song Cryomancer) have put out a hilarious parody of Headstrong, the one hit single by the band Trapt. The band took to Facebook and posted it today: “Defiler – “Headstrong” by Trapt‬ ‪parody cover out now. You’re gonna really want to listen to this. ‬ Full song on YouTube!”  


ENSLAVED Announce Delay Of New Album Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Progressive black metal heavyweights Enslaved have announced that their new album, titled “Utgard”, has been delayed to a fall release due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement comes after the band posted a teaser, with the group hoping to check fans’ expectations of when new material will release. The first single will be released in May 22nd. The band’s full statement reads: “*** UTGARD – THE JOURNEY BEGINS * First of all, we’d like to sincerely thank you for the […]


AFTERBIRTH – Four Dimensional Flesh

There’s something about the New York death metal scene that is always worth the listen. From bands such as Suffocation, Skinless, Pyrexia, Dehumanized, Internal Bleeding and Baphomet, they all each have created instant bangers upon another. Now in the new decade, we have Afterbirth. Since 1993, they’ve been quite the welcome in the realms of extreme music and in 2017 they’ve brought the fire in the sound they created with The Time Traveler’s Dilemma and it was well worth the […]


TÝR European Tour With ARKONA And DALRIADA Confirmed

‘Heathen Heroes European Tour’, with folk metal masters Týr and Arkona in the lead roles, has been officially confirmed. Main support will come from Dalriada and on select dates from Varmia and Varang Nord. All booked dates are listed below. Týr comments: “We’re very glad to announce the following (mostly) Northern European tour! It has been too long since we toured the North! And we look very much forward to playing in some cities and countries we used to tour […]