MEDICO PESTE – ב: The Black Bile

This album made me wish I had some acid so I could fully embrace the journey they took me on. If black metal had a soul, this is just that. Medico Peste is not your typical black metal band, I would describe their songs as symphonic, atmospheric, eerie, haunting and at times psychedelic. The composition of these songs is remarkable and I applaud their use of dynamics.

Coming from the perspective of a recording engineer and sound guy, the production on this album is amazing. It doesn’t feel overproduced, it’s raw, and personally I found it inspiring as a musician and recording engineer. Everything is articulated very well and I can hear all the instrumentation perfectly. I can’t stress enough how much I love the drum tones and the overall production on this album.

I found myself getting lost in the little intricacies of their performance. The cymbal work is flawless, the blast-beats were powerful without a hint of drum replacement or programming. The guitar work is unique and unexpected, I found myself saying “oh wow, I wasn’t expecting to hear that”. Their usage of bass transitions and ominous, atmospheric tones in a symphonic like way is really what sets this band apart.

After hearing this album, I immediately went to their bandcamp page and bought the vinyl, you should too.



Overall Score: 10/10

Review by Tobias Funk



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