Superjoint – originally known as Superjoint Ritual and led by ex-Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo – are calling it quits. The group’s guitarist Jimmy Bower confirmed the news to Rock Talks that the outfit are “done.” Superjoint originally split up in 2004, and reunited again in 2014.  


PSILOCYBE LARVAE Set To Release New Album In December

After nine years of silence and in celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary, progressive doom/death veterans Psilocybe Larvae are proud to announce the forthcoming release of fifth full-length album Where Silence Dwells. The digital version will be self-released by the band on December 10th. The CD version will be released by Fono Ltd. (Russia) and Red Rivet Records (Japan) on December 15th, while the band will self-release a cassette version on the same day. The vinyl LP is targeted for […]


VAHRZAW – The Trembling Voices Of The Conquered Men

Throughout the years of extreme metal, the blackened death metal community has been really paying a lot of attention with many artists on the horizon to find innovative and artistic ideas to make the music as exhilarating, heavy and explosive. Meet Vahrzaw, a blackened death metal band from Australia who’s been around the underground scene since the 90’s and while their blend of both death metal and black metal may not seem original or creative so to speak, this new […]



We got to speak with Italian death doom metal band Burial! MPM: First off, it’s my pleasure in doing this interview. Secondly, those unaware of who you are could you introduce yourself and your contributions to Burial? B: It’s also a pleasure for me to take part in this cool interview! I’m Leonardo, guitarist from the band Burial and other bands like Coexistence, Vexovoid and Haphazard MPM: Inner Gateways to the Slumbering Equilibrium at the Center of Cosmos is scheduled […]


ARCHSPIRE – Bleed The Future

Four albums into their career, Canada’s technical death metal sensationalists Archspire are perhaps one of the absolute best in the genre known for their hard-working efforts in creating such relentless, technical and speedy style of technical death metal has surprised many fans, myself included that’s been following these musicians since their last album in 2017 Relentless Mutation. Now in 2021, Bleed The Future is the fourth full-length recording and is released through Season Of Mist. Now, if you’re familiar with […]


WILDFIRE Release Music Video For New Single

Finnish melodic death metal artist Wildfire has released a music video for the track “Serenity” which is taken from the EP titled Dark Illusions. The video was filmed by Peter Rantala in Tampere, Hyhky. What Vello had to say about the track: “Serenity” is about reaching levels of insanity that it becomes almost Serenity. The world is in turmoil and so is Wildfire’s line-up, but hope that we can gather some levels of sanity and organize some dark group for […]


BE’LAKOR Put Out New Single & Music Video

Ahead of tomorrow’s official release of their Coherence album, the Australians Be’lakor share a brand new single/video – “Valence”. With deep swinging bass, flowing verses, epic harmonized leads and cold, deep growls, Be’lakor drag their listeners down into the airless depths. From ambient piano passages to relentless severity up to warm acoustic interjections, the track unravels as a dynamic, multi-faceted opus with multiple twists and turns throughout its runtime. Be’lakor about “Valence”: “Valence” is a song which brings together elements […]