ENDSTILLE Join Forces With Ván Records

German black metallers Endstille and Ván Records label proudly announce that they have joined forces and signed a brand new contract. Eight years have passed since the release of their last full-length record, Kapitulation 2013. Statement from the band as follows: “Today we would like to announce, that Endstille joins the roster of Germany’s finest label of Acherontic Art: Ván Records. After decades of a very close and personal bond, it is now completed and ready for this final step, […]



French doomers Lethian Dreams announced and detailed a new EP release. Entitled Last Echoes Of Silence, it’s comprised of six tracks and officially arrives on December 3rd, 2021. The EP’s cover artwork, created by Sebastien Pierre, can be seen below. Other details coming soon. Statement from Lethian Dreams: “As autumn has spread its melancholy upon the northern hemisphere, we are back with a new EP. Last Echoes Of Silence was composed shortly after the completion of our 4th album, A […]


INTRICATED – Apocalyptic Metamorphosis

Thai outfitters Intricated have resurrected themselves from the grave and given us a brand new full-length album titled Apocalyptic Metamorphosis which is the band’s newest offering and is released on Comatose Music. This album created a huge leap and bound to incorporate many different structures including the first couple tracks where they borrowed influences from US brutal death metal to even some of the more European-style extreme metal but more twisted, putrid, bludgeoning and blasphemous sounding. From the moments you […]