ABYSSUS – Death Revival

As 2021 brought us amazing death metal albums, 2022 will mark another continuation throughout the next decade or two. Meet Abyssus, a old school death metal band based out of Greece that really sparked my interest because this band is a upcoming group that I hope many people don’t sleep on them because this record Death Revival is thrashy, groovy, technical at times and one of the most punchy records of 2022 so far. Released through Transcending Obscurity Records, Death Revival is not only formidable and structured so perfectly well, this is what every fan of the old school movement is wanting.

The arrangements, compositions, production, varied mixtures bringing back that late 80s/ mid 90s style of death metal may seem to be tiresome for people but as a compassionate listener of all forms of death metal and its subgenres, Death Revival has executed so flawlessly without any distortion or discomfort. Every song feels spiritually connected and the way these musicians creates music is all about passion and I give them massive props where its rightfully due because this is just serious business and by business I mean, what a unstoppable force front to back the album really is. Their recreation in bringing back that aggressive, thrashy, almost grindy death metal inspired melodies would made it seem this band listened to a lot of Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Possessed, Deicide and Hail Of Bullets and if you know what I meant by these bands its not only because of their influences in wanting to create such a maniacal and compelling expression album, but give or take I think this band does justice.

Just take songs like The Beast Within, The Witch, Genocide and Metal Of Death known for that molten, faithful, very visceral and almost melodically driven soundscapes that is filled of magical heaviness and sheer monstrosity in which I have noticed they’ve got some of that blackened thrash aesthetics which may seem usual in the modern-day era of extreme metal but they’ve decided to go leaps and bounds in making such a visionary record that is not for the faint of heart. Heart-stopping drums, great vocals, eviscerated guitars and solid bass tones, this record demonstrates the listener that Abyssus aren’t just your typical run-of-the-mill band that is just meat and potatoes artist but rest assure this album needs to be heard more than once to get a perspective in what they’re heading into. Death Revival will soon to be a cultural impact of classic death metal in this era and the 2020’s as a whole.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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