SYMPHONY X Working On First Album In Seven Years

About seven years has passed since progressive/symphonic power metal legends Symphony X released their last album Underworld. But the wait is almost over, as guitarist Michael Romeo recently confirmed that the band has been in the process of working on new material for their upcoming tenth studio album. In a recent interview with the ‘Breaking Absolutes With Peter Orullian’ podcast, Romeo said: “It just feels slower than normal. It feels a little weird because we haven’t played [together in so […]


SHAPE OF DESPAIR – Return To The Void

Finland’s long-running veterans Shape Of Despair have made some quality releases throughout the bane of their existence and for someone who loves the funeral doom metal scene with bands such as Loss, Ahab, Evoken and others, Shape Of Despair are right up in my alley to create music that is emotional, deep, and countervailing. Return To The Void is the fifth full-length recording and is the follow-up to 2015’s Monotony Fields. Musically, if you know the funeral doom metal musicality […]


NE OBLIVISCARIS Drummer Leaves Band

After many years played together, extreme prog metallers Ne Obliviscaris and drummer Daniel Presland have now parted ways. Daniel has decided to leave the band, to move on with other projects. He is also involved in the new band – Black Lava. Statement from the band: “Dan has been an absolute rock behind the kit for this band for so many years, so many songs, so many tours… Dan has decided to move on to other things and say goodbye […]


THERION Announce European Tour

To promote their newly announced studio album Leviathan II, due out on September 23rd, the mighty Therion confirm a string of headlining shows in Europe. Booked in November & December 2022, it’s comprised of 21 tour dates in total. More info about the album release will follow soon.  



We got to speak with Belgium’s very own Schizophrenia! MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview for us. Secondly, those unaware of who you are can you introduce yourselves and your contributions to the band? S: Its our pleasure, thank you for reaching out to us ! I’m Romeo and I play rhythm/lead guitar together with Marty. MPM: The band is about to release the debut full-length album titled Recollections Of The Insane which will be handled by […]



Newly formed power metal collective Fallen Sanctuary, feat. Serenity and Temperance members, have signed a contract with AFM Records for the release of their debut full length effort Terranova on June 24th 2022. First single comes out this Friday, February 25th.  


OBSELITE – Ghost//Hack

When I was a teenager back in the day being drawn to the industrial metal scene, it was like a new experience to me and I’ve been a listener to the genre for long as I can possibly remember. This band, Obselite is a industrial metal project based out of Michigan and they play this cyberpunk, thrashy and experimental style of industrial metal that not only have met with such great expectations but for a underground act been around for […]


ACRANIUS – Mercy Denied

Germany’s heavy hitters Acranius has been on a constant roll releasing some quality releases over the years. I first got into the band around 2018 after hearing their last full-length album titled Reign Of Terror in which I thought it was absolutely crushing and amazingly crafted of a record. Fast forward to 2022, we have the new offering by the band and this is the fourth studio recording by Acranius titled Mercy Denied and is the band’s first album to […]


GODLESS TRUTH Unleash New Single

In one week, tech death metal machinery from Czech Republic Godless Truth will put out their self-titled album. It will be their first new full length in eighteen years. Below you can give a spin to the newly released preview tune, “The Decision”.