MESHUGGAH – Immutable

Sweden’s extreme metal band Meshuggah have stand above their own ground to create a diverse album ranging all the various genres they’ve created showing this band can progress naturally with their own unique sound without breaking new boundaries. Immutable is the tenth full-length album following up to 2016’s The Violent Sleep Of Reason which was a critically acclaimed and well received record across the extreme music spectrum and instantly became a huge favorite of mine that year. Now, Immutable has […]


UNDEATH – It’s Time…To Rise From The Grave

Many death metal bands in the underground have committed themselves to become their own personal vendetta and New York’s Undeath are not only one of my many favorites in the current era of extreme music, but seeing them in September 2021 with Rivers Of Nilhil, The Black Dahlia Murder and Carnifex they’ve really won me over as one of the most standouts of all the years I’ve been attending to concerts. When 2020’s debut Lesions of a Different Kind came […]



We got to speak with Mexico’s death metal band Morbid Messiah! MPM: First off, thank you for doing the interview, secondly could you go over what you do in the band? JOSÉ: Greetings, I’m the vocalist. ROBERTO: I am the guitarist. MPM: The band has released Disgorged in the Coffin this past September. Could you go over how the writing process all came about? JOSÉ: The concept came from the most destructive time in my life till now. Each song […]


GRAVESHADOW Announce Third Full Length

Symphonic/gothic metal band from United States, Graveshadow, have announced and detailed their third full length effort. Entitled The Uncertain Hour, it will land in stores on June 15th, 2022. Below you can check out the first streaming single/video, “Soldier of 34”. Tracklist: 01. Soldier Of 34 02. Gwynnbleidd 03. Sea Of Apparitions 04. The Swordsman 05. Vengeance Of Envy 06. Beautiful End 07. The Betrayer 08. Shadow Battles 09. The Two Lived 10. Damsel’s Finesse  


SEVEN KINGDOMS Sign Worldwide Deal With Distortion Music Group

Seven Kingdoms have signed a worldwide record deal with Distortion Music Group for the release of Zenith album. Raising over $50,000, Seven Kingdoms successfully crowdfunded all associated costs with creating Zenith. During the crowdfunding time, the Florida-based four-piece was approached by Distortion Music Group. DMG is a new boutique record label helmed by industry veteran, Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm, Ex Deo). Iacono has also helped build two thriving touring agencies: Continental Touring in North America and Decible Touring in Europe, giving […]


SEPTICFLESH Unleash First Single From Upcoming Album

As part of their upcoming Modern Primitive album (out on May 20th), Greek extreme metal crew Septicflesh present another new single. The track called “Neuromancer” is available for streaming below together with an official video clip. Guitarist, vocalist and lyricist Sotiris Anunnaki V. comments: “A technologically advanced society, where morals decline and crime thrives, is the “stage” of this song. The main character is suffering from severe neural damage. In order to receive a cure, and be able to physically […]


ABBATH – Dread Reaver

At this point of time if you’ve been a longtime fan of Immortal, chances are you should know by now who Abbath is. Since the days of his contributions in making the most adventurous and influential records in black metal history, Abbath has always been one of the most notable and well regarded vocalists in extreme metal today. After he left Immortal around 2015, I was hesitant and skeptical on what the future was gonna hold for Abbath in terms […]


DAWOHL – Leviathan

French based extreme metal outfitters Dawohl are a upcoming underground band who’s been in the scene since 2009 and are about to release their upcoming full-length of Leviathan and is released on Dolorem Records. To describe their sound is taking elements of blackened death mixed with brutal death inspired melodies but in a dystopian style of extreme music that feels diabolical, claustrophobic and atmospheric at times where I feel they’ve gotten the focus and compassion to make this record feel […]


CRADLE OF FILTH Unleash New Music Video

Cradle Of Filth are proud to release an extraordinary new video, accompanying their mournful track “How Many Tears To Nurture A Rose?”. The latter is part of the band’s latest record, Existence Is Futile, released in October last year. The video clip was directed by Vicente Cordero. Dani Filth stated: “This is yet another great video by director Vicente Cordero, encapsulating the occult essence of the song’s lyricism with great sweeping colourful strokes of total batshit-craziness. It really makes for […]


DARK FUNERAL – We Are The Apocalypse

Spanning close to three decades in their career, Swedish black metal masters Dark Funeral have always delivered and became one of the most notable bands of all time within the black metal spectrum. Throughout their years they’ve had multiple lineup changes and coming from someone who is a massive fan of the band, I was beyond ecstatic when I’ve heard Dark Funeral was about to release new music and lord behold, this is without a doubt, the best material these […]