2021 had amazingly crafted albums from Frozen Soul, Rivers Of Nihil Carnifex, Cannibal Corpse and many more to come but I think 2022 has been the most surprising and stacked releases so far. Today, this band known as Sensory Amusia are a upcoming extreme metal project that takes heavy emphasis on modern death metal and hardcore signatures that is best described if Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Aborted had created the most abrasive, melodically driven and technical displays of extreme […]



As someone who’s been a compassionate fan of the brutal death metal genre for long as I can remember, bands like Pathology, Devourment, Katalepsy and more have really resonated with me as I expanded my horizons in the extreme metal community and became one of my most consecutive listens on my playlist day in and day out. Texas’ Visions Of Annihilation are a extreme metal band that should be paying close attention because the scene in Texas is truly one […]



Today we got to speak with New Jersey’s death metal band Sentient Horror! MPM: First off, how are you doing today? Secondly, those unaware of who you are could you introduce yourself to what you contribute for Sentient Horror? SH: Doing fine, thanks! My name is Matt Moliti and I contribute lead guitar, vocals, and most of the songwriting for Sentient Horror. MPM: The band’s been around since 2016 and based out of Stockholm, New Jersey. What would you say […]


DEFACE THE BEAUTY – Dawn Of A New Creation

The Texas metal scene has been on a constant roll as of lately with many great hitters residing from the state and Deface The Beauty are definitely one of the bands that should be keeping a close eye on things. Dawn Of A New Creation is the latest offering by the band and to summarize their sound is taking elements of deathcore and death metal put it in a blender with today’s modern-day production sound and you’ll get some hard-hitting pieces […]


MORGUE SUPPLIER Unleash New Track & Video

As part of their forthcoming studio record Inevitability, Chicago-based death metal band Morgue Supplier premiere a new preview track and music video “My Path To Hell”. The new outing will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records on May 13th.  


KATHAROS – Of Lineages Long Forgotten

Sweden’s symphonic black metal band Katharos have unleashed their latest studio offering Of Lineages Long Forgotten and the first record to be handled by Willowtip Records. Their style of symphonic black metal is very much in the veins of early Emperor and Dimmu Borgir but they also incorporate melodic death metal signatures to their distinctive sound making this a cathartic, unearthly and unrelenting record front to back. The vocals, bass, guitars, drum work and production are all sounding very decent […]


BLACK OATH – Emeth Truth And Death

The Italian metal scene over the last two decades has never felt so healthy and hard-hitting as ever before with many bands are paving the way to make every establishment and contributing acts be where it is today. Meet Black Oath, a new discovery I’ve found after wanting to check out new music and instantly right off the bat, these guys from Italy have really submerged and created pieces of music that’s dark, depressive at times and melancholic. Musically, their […]