We got to speak with Erik Moggridge from Pacific Northwest based project Aerial Ruin! MPM: Hello Erik, it is my honor and pleasure to be speaking with you today. Those unaware of who you are could you introduce yourself and your contributions to Aerial Ruin? AR: Thanks so much for the support and interest, my name is Erik Moggridge and Aerial Ruin is my mostly acoustic solo project that orients heavily around my melodic vocals. I do include a little […]


TRIUMVIR FOUL – Onslaught To Seraphim

There’s been some amazingly crafted death metal releases of 2022 that I keep coming back to on a daily basis and it seems to me that Pacific Northwest’s Triumvir Foul are back with a pulsing vengeance to create the third full-length recording of Onslaught To Seraphim which is handled by both Invictus Productions and Vrasubatlat. After releasing two full-lengths and a EP in 2019, this band have not only created the most violent, calculated and punishing albums they’ve done to […]


ERNIA – How To Deal With Life And Fail

The grindcore genre has been around since the mid 1980s which is heavily influenced by heavy metal and hardcore punk. Ernia on the other hand, are a Spanish based grindcore band that not only have managed and perfected the soundscapes they’ve created but ultimately so, these musicians provide intricate bits and every track is demonstrated with something different to offer which to me this album is both refreshing, natural and riveting front to back. Ernia’s signature blend of grindcore is […]


ORGANECTOMY – Nail Below Nail

Organectomy are a brutal death metal band hailing from New Zealand and are proud to be releasing their third full-length recording with Unique Leader Records titled Nail Below Nail and is the follow-up to 2019’s Existential Disconnect. Musically, if Rendered Helpless and Abominable Putridity were to form a lifeless creature together Organectomy would be the founder of this aggressive catastrophe. From the vicious instrumentals, grotesque vocals, and fluctuating song structures to the ferocious delivery of musical violence these guys take […]


MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY Announce Seventh Studio Album Details

Waiting for the last chapter of the ambitious “Biolume” trilogy, Australia’s Midnight Odyssey also bring to fruition their space ambient trilogy, started in 2020 and inspired by the sci-fi narrative of the 70s. Entirely instrumental and imbued with wonderful cosmic melodies, a Midnight Odyssey’s trademark also in their most famous atmospheric metal incarnation, Echoes Of A Celestial Ruin collects the two monumental albums (Ruins Of A Celestial Fire and Ashes From A Terrestrial Fall) already available through Bandcamp, and the […]



Parallaxiom is the official title of the newly announced fourth studio album from the Ohio-based one-man death metal project, The Wakedead Gathering. Due out July 15th via I, Voidhanger Records, it was mixed and mastered by the band’s mastermind Andrew Lampe. Check out the album’s track, “Recessive Society”, serving as a first taste of what to expect. With Parallaxiom, The Wakedead Gathering tell a dark sci-fi story, set in a gray and dystopian future in which genetic tests allow an […]


IN FLAMES Re-Sign With Nuclear Blast & Release New Single

Today, experienced Swedish metallers In Flames have re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records, extending their partnership on a worldwide level. Following this news, In Flames have also released a new single titled “State Of Slow Decay”. Marcus Hammer, the managing director of Nuclear Blast, states: “We are extremely happy to welcome In Flames back into the NBR family on a worldwide basis. Here’s the message to the Metal world: A new metal masterpiece is about to drop and you can guarantee […]



With six albums into their career, California’s progressive/technical death metal band Inanimate Existence has quite made the impression and name for themselves ever since being introduced to their sophomore recording of A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement which was the record that instantly made me a fan and have enjoyed every material they’ve released. The Masquerade is the latest studio offering and the follow-up to 2019’s Clockwork which was a album that met with such great expectations and the soundscapes, songwriting […]


AM HIMMEL – As Eternal As The Starless Kingdom Of Sorrow

I find it fascinating during my musical journey that many one person projects no matter what genre it is I feel that not only they deserve a lot of recognition but it seems to me they’re slept on which is a shame because this project known as Am Himmel is perhaps one that needs to be talked more in the music realm. The music is doomy, blackened, shoegazy and gothic oriented that is full of detail, darkness, atmosphere and adrenaline […]



Perfecting their craft for over two decades in existence, United Kingdom’s Written In Torment are back with a vengeance and this time around their signature blend of both epic and melodic black metal recast themselves to bring back the 90’s style of extreme music but with a modernized sound. This record takes the center stage across a 41 minute, six-song manifestation that feels bleak, dark and casting numerous spells to paint a portrait that is filled with traditionalism at it’s […]