I’ve never felt so proud of being a compassionate extreme metal fan seeing up and rising artists of various genres to not only find their footing terms of structure and musicality, but it feels so fresh and naturalistic sounding to witness more bands within the underground to make a name for themselves in the upcoming years. Today, this band known as Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement is a two piece death metal project fronted by Lust Of Decay’s Jordan Varela and Cesspool […]


GOD DETHRONED Reveal Latin American Tour Dates

Later this year, in December, Dutch death metal veterans God Dethroned and Sinister will embark on eight-date tour over Latin America. All confirmed dates and cities are listed below. Confirmed tour dates: 10.12.2022 – COL, Bogotá 11.12.2022 – COL, Medellín 13.12.2022 – MEX, Morelos 14.12.2022 – MEX, Querétaro 15.12.2022 – MEX, México City 16.12.2022 – CHI, Coquimbo 17.12.2022 – CHI, Santiago 18.12.2022 – CHI, Temuco  


MIRZADEH Announce New Keyboardist

Finnish melodic black metal formation Mirzadeh are very pleased to introduce Descrato as their new permanent keyboard player in the ranks. Comments the band: “It’s time to introduce our new member. From now on a person behind Mirzadeh’s keyboards is Descrato who has been playing also in bands called Star Insight and Arina.”  



Today we got to speak with Cameron Porras, the lead vocalist and guitarist from California’s technical/progressive death metal band Inanimate Existence! MPM: Hello Cameron, my pleasure in doing this interview and it’s such a honor to be speaking with you today. Those don’t know who you are and your contributions, could you introduce yourself to what you do for the band? IE: I play guitar and do vocals for the band as well as being a founding member. MPM: Inanimate […]


MUNICIPAL WASTE – Electrified Brain

Two decades and seven albums into their career, Virginia’s Municipal Waste have laid a foundation to the crossover thrash metal scene with many cult classics such as 2005’s Hazardous Mutation and 2003’s Waste’ Em All and now returning after a five year gap of their last album Slime And Punishment, Electrified Brain is a welcoming addition to the modern-day era of the band. This album is catchy, entertaining and lots of party wasting goodness to keep your old school friends […]


PSYCROPTIC – Divine Council

Australia’s extreme metal crafters Psycroptic have returned after four years prior to their last album As The Kingdom Drowns and this time around, they’re back hungrier and more creative than they ever sounded in their career. I have been a Psycroptic listener for long as I can remember while having the opportunity to see them live in 2018 at the Devastation On The Nation Tour and not only have they surpassed my expectations from their live performance, but the deliverance […]



Willowtip Records’ been on a constant rollercoaster the past several years releasing quality albums and An Abstract Illusion‘s latest offering of Woe once again is another great addition to add for albums of 2022. Those don’t know An Abstract Illusion, they’re a Swedish extreme metal band that incorporates elements of progressive death metal, black metal, folk and even electronica which says that their musical soundscapes and structure doesn’t sound the same. This album is packed with infectious melodies, beauty and […]


GRIMA Set To Release New Album Later This Month

On July 29th, Grima will put out their fifth full length titled Frostbitten. A 7-piece atmospheric black metal effort was engineered by Arsen Artemiev-Gorchitsa, mixed by Vladimir Lehtinen and mastered by Vladimir Lehtinen. The album’s first streaming song can be found below.  


STRATOVARIUS Unleash New Single

One month after sharing new album details and first single, experienced power metallers Stratovarius now offer in listening the second single called “World On Fire”. Check it out.  


HULDER – The Eternal Fanfare

Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me the absolute honor to not only hear the best black metal album of 2022 but this is arguably speaking a serious top ten contender for one of my favorites of this entire year. Hulder is a one person black metal project from my neck in the woods in the Pacific Northwest and not only this miniature record is rich in detail, but the songwriting, lyrical content, and the indescribable feeling of being appreciative to […]