Hellevate- The Purpose is Cruelty Review

Hellevate is five-piece band based out of Kansas City who have been going since 2012 releasing an EP in 2014 and along the way releasing a few singles in years that followed.  They recently released a 5 song EP titled The Purpose is Cruelty this January and from start to finish it is an absolute stunner. Hellevate is described as melodic thrash with some power and extreme metal influences intertwined. This mixture of sub genres is done very tastefully keeping us fully […]



Nuclear Blast announced they brought back Fear Factory. Originally signed in 2013, they released Genexus, Aggression Continuum, and Recoded with Nuclear Blast in the past. FEAR FACTORY‘s Dino Cazares comments: “This is a new year and a new chapter for FEAR FACTORY. We are off to a great start because we have re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records and our A&R legend Monte Conner, who originally signed the band in 1992. It is a great feeling to be with a label that gets us […]


Spectral Damnation signs to Necktwister (Belgium), releases music video.

Hailing from Belgium, Spectral Damnation formed in 2015 releasing a 4 track EP. They saw some success playing shows but unfortunately that came to a halt after the band suffered a tragic accident which halted the project all together. Soon after in 2019 lead guitarist Arachnid Saar began searching for musicians to bring the project back to life. They managed to refine and hone their sound, changing members through the years until they hit the studio in 2022. From Necktwister records […]


Death Reich-The Final Plague Review

Death Reich formed in 2018 with the mindset of grinding as hard as possible. The early lineup consisted of Jonas Blom (Sacramentum, Runemagick, ex Trident, ex Grief of Emerald, ex One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) who started on Guitar along with Marcus Fors (Voodus, ex Vornth) on drums and Robert Axelsson (Sacramentum, Grief of Emerald, ex One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) on bass. Soon after they included Christer Bergqvist (Grief of Emerald, ex Sadistic Grimness, ex Auberon) on guitar and Johnny Lehto (Grief of Emerald, ex Decameron) on vocals. That’s very same […]


Obituary- Dying Of Everything Review

11 albums in and still got gas in the tank, Florida’s long-running veterans Obituary have not only changed the death metal genre forever but as a band who’s been around for 35 years, they’ve created and paved the way for many underground bands who were heavily influenced by genre changing sound. Obituary to me may not have a consistent catalog in comparison to most traditional and old school death metal bands but their earlier works from Slowly We Rot to […]


Conjureth- The Parasitic Chambers Review

California’s very own Conjureth are a death metal band that are full of surprises, imagination and creativity. This new album was released through Memento Mori, The Parasitic Chambers culminated everything from their debut album and achieved that goal successfully making this album the band’s tightest and accessible records to date. Their blend of death metal music not only surpassed my expectations, but the amount of detail, creativity, and talent on the record is absolutely flawless. I am extremely impressed by […]


Revocation release new music video for Godforsaken

European/UK headline tour kicks off next week in Germany! Progressive death metal outfit Revocation have released a new music video for the song Godforsaken off the band’s current album, Netherheaven. The video was directed by David Brodsky and Allie Woest of My Good Eye ( The band is kicking off 2023 with a headline tour taking them through Europe and the UK featuring special guests Goatwhore, Alluvial, and Creeping Death. The tour starts next week on January 19 in Wiesbaden, […]


Féleth- Divine Blight Review

Féleth is a Norwegian melodic metal band that was formed in 2015. The band has released 3 studio albums, with their most recent one being “Divine Blight”. The album was released on November 11, 2022. The band describes the album as: ” a collection of stories based upon the dystopian path humanity is set on. An evil king-like figurine, representing the darkness of mankind, that appears timely throughout the album is depicted on the album cover which is made by […]


High Fells- Catharsis Review

Texas’ High Fells released their new album, “Catharsis,” on November 25th. The album was highly anticipated by fans of the American Black Metal genre. “Catharsis” does not disappoint, as it is a beautifully-crafted piece of art that is both brutal and captivating. The album opens with the track “Lingering” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is fast-paced and full of blast beats, with the occasional melodic riff thrown in. The lyrics are dark and […]