Elder Devil – Everything Worth Loving Album Review

Explore the Perfect Blend of Chaos and Melody in Elder Devil's Latest Album, Featuring Aggressive Yet Cohesive Sounds

I am writing this in my hospital room as I wait for the team of doctors and plastic surgeons to determine
if it is possible to fix my face. It seems to be stuck in a permanent “sick metal face.” You know, the face
you make when the riff is just so sick you can’t help but scrunch up your forehead and your nose and set
a deep frown with your mouth slightly open. The physical embodiment of the word “bleh.” How could
such a fate befall me? I just listened to Everything Worth Loving by Elder Devil and spent the entirety of
the just over thirty-minute album making that face.

Everything Worth Loving is one of the sludgiest grindcore albums I have heard in a while. Elder Devil
works with a bit of a contradictory mix of sound on this album that works extraordinarily well. It has all
the feel and sound of a great grindcore album but moves a little slower and relishes in those slower riffs.
That isn’t to say Everything Worth Loving doesn’t have the chaotic blast beat-driven moments you all
love about grindcore. There is certainly plenty of that to be had. It’s the balance between the two that
Elder Devil does so well on this release.

The guitar from Jacob Lee and bass from Ryan Uruidez is an absolutely perfect fit for this kind of blend.
There is a real grit to them that gives them a very raw sound. Additionally, the drumming from Peter
Ruacho is perfectly suited for their sound and not completely over the top, making Everything Worth
Loving an aggressive, but non-abrasive listen. Stephen Muir belts out his lyrics with an unhinged but
consistent ferocity. Elder Devil just sounds completely cohesive on Everything Worth Loving. It’s hard to
find anything not to love about this album.

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Overall Score: 9/10

Review by: Dan Perretta


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