• Formed in 2020 from Almería, Andalusia, Spain, Abandonment are a brutal death metal which in this case, the extreme metal scene in Spain is very devoted and any band on the Brutal Mind roster is always gonna be a exception since I love their style for its groovy, technical and [...]
  • Do not listen to the intro stoned, shit had me trippin’ out! Any who, when I came across this gem I immediately knew by the cover art that I need to spark up a bowl before giving this the review it deserves so here I am…ready to give you the [...]
  • Formed in 1998 from Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, Asphyxiate are a brutal death metal band who’s name isn’t recognized within the extreme metal world but for a band from Indonesia who have the most dedicated fans in brutal death metal, Asphyxiate are back to make their most ambitious and accessible [...]
  • There’s been tons of buzz brewing about The Lion’s Daughter all over on social media after watching multiple reviews on YouTube just to hear and understand the band’s history and whatnot. But after giving some songs a whirl, I learned to realized that this band is extremely unique, engaging and [...]
  • If you’re a fan of symphonic metal and you haven’t listened to Horrorgraphy, you’re missing out big time. This four-piece symphonic metal act has been unforgiving in their latest effort, “Dramma Per Musica“. While their debut full-length Season of Grief was dubbed as a masterpiece (I do declare it is!), [...]