• 2023 is going to become another flawless year for extreme metal and music as a whole and this new Ashen Horde album Antimony is one of the most expansive and enjoyable albums I’ve heard in a good while. This band has been around for nearly a decade and in their [...]
  • Sweden is home to so many amazing metal bands that have shaped every sub-genre of metal as a whole. Faustus can without a doubt stake a claim on the mountain of Death metal. Memoriam is their second full length album, the first being Laments of an Obscure Mind which came [...]
  • Ohio’s death metal crafters FAITHXTRACTOR have made a triumphant return with their brand new album, Contempt for a Failed Dimension.   This is their fourth studio offering since 2005 and the first to be released under Redefining Darkness Records.  Full of savagery and lethal guitar riffs, this is the band’s most [...]
  •      Thy Darkened Shade have created the most diabolical, satanic and occult theme style of black metal that transcends the listener into a world full of gnosticism. They’ve crafted in what appears to be their most explosive, explorative and progressive driven records they’ve done to date. Liber Lvcifer II-Mahapralaya [...]
  • With two previous releases under their belts and the first release since Metal Blade sophomore LP Up In Arms back in 2017, NYC crossover supergroup Bloodclot have just released their finest record yet with Souls— now available via Upstate Records! The fresh new lineup of Bloodclot has undoubtedly contributed to [...]


  • MPM: First off, how are you doing today? Secondly, those unaware of who you are could you introduce yourself and your contributions to Coldworld? CW: Hi, I’m ok these days. The world is burning but [...]
  • Today we got to speak with France’s death metal band Misgivings! MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview. Secondly, those not familiar with you and your contributions, could you introduce yourselves to what [...]
  • Today we got to speak with Cameron Porras, the lead vocalist and guitarist from California’s technical/progressive death metal band Inanimate Existence! MPM: Hello Cameron, my pleasure in doing this interview and it’s such a honor [...]
  • We got to speak with Erik Moggridge from Pacific Northwest based project Aerial Ruin! MPM: Hello Erik, it is my honor and pleasure to be speaking with you today. Those unaware of who you are [...]
  • We got to speak with Kelly Kuciemba from Pacific Northwest’s death metal band Drawn And Quartered!   MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview as I’ve been a long-time fan of the band [...]





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