• Residing from the Czech Republic, atmospheric black and doom metal crafters Et Moriemur have submerged themselves into the world of extreme metal to provide such exquisite, exotic and elegant pieces of music and with this latest album Tamashii No Yama being released on Transcending Obscurity Records, I knew right off [...]
  • Desolate Shrine has been a band I’m not too associated checking out their catalog but after hearing several albums in the bands embodiment of work, boy was I in for a treat! Fires Of The Dying World is the next chapter by these Finnish death metal crafters and is released [...]
  • Deep into the murky swamps, Louisiana’s Golgothan have spreaded their devoted craft into making this gory, gospel, and horrific style of brutal death metal that combined elements of old school, contemporary and have ultimately sacrificed themselves to make this record rather enjoyable front to back. This album is full of [...]
  • I’m always a appreciative person when I see new and upcoming extreme metal artists within the underground spectrum of music to really give it all they got and provide amazing qualities of musical varieties and wonders. Meet Cryptum, a death metal band formed in 2020 from Illinois have released the [...]
  • Based out of the United Kingdom, Slob are a brutal death metal band that make no exception in creating a groovy, swampy and shadowing albums they’ve created to date. Released on Comatose Music, this monstrous album is about to face your deepest fears, nightmares and cluster together like conspiring thieves [...]