• United Kingdom’s blackened death metal band Grave Miasma have been an unstoppable force throughout the last decade to continuously make a household name in the underground extreme metal world. I found out about this band after listening to their 2016 EP Endless Pilgrimage, and from what I’ve heard I was [...]
  • What needs to be said if it hadn’t been said before, the Indonesian brutal death metal scene has the most passionate, dedicated and devoted fans in extreme metal today. Gerogot, a new band I’ve stumbled upon as of recently have been around for quite sometime and with this new album [...]
  • The Icelandic extreme metal scene has been submerged deeper into such wonderful, atmospheric and engaging styles of metal. Whether it be black metal, doom, post-rock or anything in that field, Iceland’s technical death metal band Ophidian I have came back and this this around they’ve brought us the second full-length [...]
  • Man oh man, I am all about finding bands on the up and coming list but Daniel Eichelberger really lays it down in the solo project that is Acheri, the debut EP was released back in March of 2021 and had my attention right away, Misery Shrine is the second [...]
  • No Living Witness is an extreme metal band residing from my area in the Pacific Northwest and have released their newest album titled Cosmic Simulacra. Musically, this is a album showcasing emotion, aggressiveness, technicality and heaviness all around to demonstrates the bands influences for making death metal music but also [...]


  • Today we got to speak with Minnesota’s blackened death metal band Suffering Hour! MPM: First off, my honor and pleasure to be interviewing your band today. Secondly, those who don’t know the band, could you [...]
  • Today we got to speak with Ryan Beevers from Unflesh! MPM: First and foremost, how are you doing during the pandemic and those who don’t know who you are, could you introduce yourself to your [...]
  • Today we got to speak with Ohio’s Death Metal band 200 Stab Wounds MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview. Secondly, those who don’t know who you are, would you introduce yourself and [...]
  • Today we got to speak with Chris Lacroix from Canada’s death metal band Disembodiment! MPM: First off, my pleasure doing this interview with ya. Secondly, how are you doing during these rough times we’re facing [...]
  • Today we got to speak with New York’s brutal death metal band and lead vocalist Will Smith from Afterbirth! MPM: First off Will, thank you for wanting to do the interview. Secondly, those who aren’t [...]