• Imagined Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carnifex, Lorna Shore and Shadow Of Intent were to combine elements of extreme metal with a blackened, symphonic, technical and melodically driven style of deathcore you get Mother Russia’s very own Sin Deliverance and the monstrous debut full-length offering titled Ultimate Hatred. I’ve been hearing great things [...]
  • Since the band’s formation in 2009, Craving For Chaos is a melodic death metal band that doesn’t seem to get much attention but for a debut full-length album titled Brink Of Calamity released on Infernal Hymns Records, there’s some really cool things about this band and I honestly do firmly [...]
  • There comes a time in life when I got introduced to thrash and speed metal during my teenager years whether it be early Megadeth, Destruction, Kreator, Death Angel and Testament to other bands whom incorporated the thrash and blackened movements anywhere from Midnight, Destroyer 666, Toxic Holocaust and Nocturnal Graves [...]
  • After a long awaited period of time, California’s very own Interloper have released the debut full-length album titled Search Party and is released through Nuclear Blast Records. Those who don’t know, Interloper’s been around since 2014 with drummer Aaron Stechauner and lead guitarist Miles Baker whom everyone knows from their [...]
  • One man projects have always fascinated me in terms of consistency, deliverance and dedication whether it be bands like Putrid Pile or Rendered Helpless, Arizona’s Internal Organs External was born in 2019 by the man himself Vince Otero and created the debut EP on Vicious Instinct Records titled Apocalyptic Domination. [...]


  • Today we got to speak with Ohio’s Death Metal band 200 Stab Wounds MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview. Secondly, those who don’t know who you are, would you introduce yourself and [...]
  • Today we got to speak with Chris Lacroix from Canada’s death metal band Disembodiment! MPM: First off, my pleasure doing this interview with ya. Secondly, how are you doing during these rough times we’re facing [...]
  • Today we got to speak with New York’s brutal death metal band and lead vocalist Will Smith from Afterbirth! MPM: First off Will, thank you for wanting to do the interview. Secondly, those who aren’t [...]
  • We got to speak with Nick Herrmann from Connecticut’s death metal band Vomit Forth! MPM: First off, thank you for wanting to do the interview it’s my absolute pleasure doing so. How are you doing [...]
  • We got to speak with Ángel Ochoa the lead vocalist from Disgorge, Cephalotripsy and now the current frontman for Abominable Putridity! MPM: First off, my absolute honor and pleasure to be working with you since [...]