September 16, 2021


  • Dominicide, a four piece band from Glasgow, just put out an absolute top tier EP called The Architecture of Oppression September 10th, and I am just loving every minute of this! It’s constantly hitting you with sick riff, after sick riff, and it’s a very welcomed mix of metal sub [...]
  • After a eight long year gap of 2013’s Surgical Steel, England’s longtime veterans Carcass are back and this time around they’ve created the most important, iconic and memorable albums in extreme metal history. From the earliest stages of their goregrind and grindcore days of albums such as Reek of Putrefaction [...]
  • There’s been hundreds, if not thousands of fantastic bands within the technical and melodic death metal spectrum that have been a huge name for themselves. Inferi are a band who are one of the most well known artists in the scene who established themselves on the technical death metal scene [...]
  • In 2018 I reviewed Where Owls Know My Name by Pennsylvania’s technical death metal band Rivers Of Nihil which was a album not only met my expectations sky high on hearing the most breathtaking, beautifully crafted and designed albums in the 2010’s era, it captured the essences, nature and beauty [...]
  • Let me say first off I have witnessed these guys bust their asses to get this album done to their standards, the quality of this album is top notch and I will not ignore the effort put in, now onto the heavy heavy. Mortem Obscurem is a technical death metal [...]