OTOÑO – Something Metal This Way Comes


As I have probably mentioned before in previous reviews, I rarely have a tough time describing a band’s album and how it made me feel listening and it’s strong points but this again is another band I may have a tough time describing because it has so many strong points that…I don’t even know where to begin!

Otoño is a melodic death metal band from Hollister, CA. Their previous album from 2008 titled Ghosts of Smoke was a solid debut for the group but Something Metal This Way Comes is definitely a move towards progression as a band. Throughout the release, you’ll hear moments of progressive death metal with ambient acoustic guitar parts that lead into heavy and hard-hitting death metal riffs that will remind listeners of something similar to Edge of Sanity at these moments. A lot of the tracks credit themselves with sound clips taken from movies not to mention the band also covers some of the best songs that I believe no metal band has really covered including Ghostbusters, The Exorcist, This Is Halloween (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and The Phantom of The Opera. The band also pays tribute to Type O Negative with their cover of “Black No. 1” from the Bloody Kisses album.

Much of this album pays homage to great movies who seem to have influenced the band enough to make them want to record their own renditions of the themes from these said movies. Musically, the group has a great sense of musicianship and how to hone their abilities. The solos are ridiculous because they fit so perfect within each track and just consistently flow in the song. There is no saying how far Otoño can take themselves with this kind of skill that they possess and whether they can be the next big name in melodic death metal. This album is definitely for fans of Edge of Sanity, Diabolical Masquerade and Children of Bodom. A well blended composition that is sure to keep you headbanging till the end of the release.




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  1. Thanks for the amazing review!! This album is a tribute to some of our favorite movies and songs that has drawn a lot of inspiration to our ever evolving sound.

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