DIR EN GREY Release New Digital Single

Two days ago, Japanese band Dir En Grey released a brand new digital single, called 落ちた事のある空 (“The Sky That Has Fallen”). It features 3 tracks, with the two of them streaming down under on YouTube. Tracklist as follows: 01. 落ちた事のある空 02. Clever Sleazoid 03. Followers (Live at Islington Assembly Hall on Feb 5, 2020)  


MALIKLIYA – 誄: Condolence

Japan has some of the best music in the world and this release is a prime example of it. Malikliya is the brainchild of Shuhei (Imperial Circus Dead Decadence) and beautifully mixes atmospheric black metal, symphonic black metal, gothic metal, 90’s visual kei, coldwave and just a bit of everything. It is no surprise if you are familiar with Shuhei’s work that you will hear a lot of his signature sound in Malikliya but also some differences from anything else […]


MAGISTINA SAGA – Creaith Anthem

Many great things come from Japan from food to cars to electronics and a great diversity of music. Magistina Saga is one of those great gems found in the Japanese music scene. Having been active since 2008 with a few EPs and singles, this is the group’s first full length album and it is a great example of diversity in sound. Most are familiar with the J-Pop and J-Rock sound but the mix of that influence with great symphonics that […]