I know this is a little late for most writers to put up but this site is new so better late than never right? Many albums came out so it was really tough to only pick ten. So lets get this under way and see what bands have truly put out something that truly stood out.

  1. Peste Noire by Peste Noire 
  2. Obscure Verses For The Multiverse by Inquisition
  3. No Morrow Shall Dawn by Thy Light
  4. Teethed Glory and Injury by Altar of Plagues
  5. Eodharius by Mind Asylum
  6. Tills Döden Skiljer Oss Åt by Acacia
  7. Autopsychosis by Katalepsy
  8. Egy Múltbeli Zengés Visszhangja by Cityscape Drawn In Black Ink
  9. Fallen by Månegarm
  10. Alpha Noir by Moonspell

Well that is my list, hopefully you all may have spotted some new albums to check out in there. I had a tough time picking a lot of them but maybe you all can find some good new albums for 2014 for me to check out.


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