Harri Kauppinen from Finnish outfit Beyond The Dream has issued the following announcement about the band calling it quits:

“Beyond The Dream had always a main target for it’s career, the fresh music. The band did everything as good as they could about the albums, touring and merchandise as well as any other things. Almost everything we’ve done was self-financed!

“The break we had gave us time to think about the past but it also showed us different views to see the future. The break also revealed the truth that we can not continue to work profitably or not even a little bit bigger than before.

“So, the band could keep on doing things in the same level, with the same budgets, with the same kind of distributions, with the patterned tours…or the band could quit.

“As a founding member I did select to quit. Thank god I was able to do that with the full support from the others. Teemu, Petteri and Otto, thanks for that.

“I know it’ll be wrong to continue, the band is definitely worth the gloriest ending we can give to it.

“To make this announcement be a little bit more than just the non-poetic tittle, I do like to let you know that we’ll enter the studio later this spring and we’ll record our last songs and also we are about to do our last gigs later this year.

“At the same time when we are releasing our last album, we’ll add an online the website that documents the whole career of Beyond The Dream. As we are currently a four-membered band, we are pleased to have our dear friend, Rolf Pilve on drums, once more.

“The upcoming album will be titled: (the wolves) At The End.

“At this point we all four like to thank you for the past years, amazing gigs and all the good times we had, on and off stage. Without you we were nothing!”

“Keep the bodybag warm, ’cause soon this will be buried, slowly but surely.”

(The Wolves) At The End will be released later this year.


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