Ex-ALMAH Guitarist Dies Of Heart Failure

Former Almah guitarist Paul Schroeber, died at age 40 yesterday at Our Lady Mediatrix Hospital in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil after he was hospitalized for several days for a ICU treatment. Schroeber received a reconfiguration procedure cardiac device which is similar to a pacemaker, which had no effect and a transplant was needed. Schroeber suffered from an enlarged heart, which caused accumulation of water in the lungs which caused difficulty in breathing.

The band released the following statement (translated using Bing):

“We are deeply sad and Almah’s shaken with the news that our brother Paulo Schroeber music died. Paul, as well as an extremely gifted musician was a single person, a kindness and a good mood genuinely special. The strength and the naturalness with which he dealt with his painting was one of many admirable characteristics. The man was prematurely, and as if adivinhássemos, we dedicate the show yesterday, in Florianopolis, to him. Get the lesson and the work, which proudly we recorded together on two albums. So little for what could still be done, but more than enough to ever be forgotten by us, ex-bandmates or by fans. Paul, thanks for the friendship and the music we share. Keep fingers in shape, one day we will have a sound again.”

Almah guitarist Diego Bittencourt (Symbolica) rated Schroeber as “master,” stating:

“I have no words to describe my sadness…” and “I’m pretty sure I’ll never know someone so humble as him.”

Schroeber played with Almah from 2008-2011, most notably on the 2008 album “Fragile Equality” and 2011’s “Motion.” He also played on Astafix’s 2009 release “End Ever,” as well as finishing a solo album in 2011.




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