BENIGHTED – Carnivore Sublime


France has had some amazing death metal bands rising up lately and BENIGHTED does not disappoint. If anyone is familiar with their previous releases like Icon and Identisick, then you should know that Benighted is an amazingly talented and powerful force to be reckoned with but for anyone truly wondering if Carnivore Sublime stacks up to their last two albums, prepare for disappointment.

I’m not saying that Carnivore Sublime is a bad album at all, it just doesn’t follow the path most people were anticipating based on their progression since their debut release. Instead of the typical earth-shaking deathgrind style we’re all used to, the group has taken more influence from the deathcore scene. That means more breakdowns and more pig squeals, but it also means even more groove. Of course, they throw in some melodic moments and tend to focus more on the rather unusual route, but that’s what garnered them success in the first place.

While Carnivore Sublime may not live up to the sheer brilliance of Icon or Identisick, this album still offers everything Benighted fans could ask for. Truch still hits his pitches to perfection, it’s accessibly catchy and extremely heavy, and they don’t take themselves too seriously. This release is still a solid death metal album so please don’t hesitate listening to it!




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