NAPALM DEATH Releasing Special Roadburn EP & Charity Download

Grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH have announced two special projects that have been in the works recently. First of all, the British band is launching a special cover song of the track “To Go Off And Things” by the Cardiacs via their Bandcamp page as charity download. Furthermore, Napalm Death are also releasing a limited and exclusive vinyl 12″ EP entitled Our Pain Is Their Power to commemorate their very special Roadburn Festival appearance on April 10th.

Here is the press release about it:

“The Roadburn only vinyl releases have become a tradition over the last few years. Proceedings started in 2012 with the Voivod – Live At Roadburn 2011 LP and the Ulver Roadburn EP, followed last year by Dread Sovereign’s Pray To The Devil In Man EP and the Godflesh live Streetcleaner set. This year is no exception, and we once more present a special release for you: In conjunction with the special live set concentrating on the slower, painful, dirgy elements of Napalm Death at this year’s festival, we will release Napalm Death’s Our Pain Is Their Power EP to commemorate their appearance at Roadburn 2014 on Thursday, April 10th.”

“Napalm Death’s Our Pain Is Their Power EP collects those slower tracks that drip with sonic anguish from the last few albums onto one EP in a one-time run of 500 copies, only to be sold at the Roadburn Festival 2014.”


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