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SAOR (meaning “Free” in Scottish and Irish Gaelic) gives you a sense of an aural, out of body experience or a sense of freedom if you will while listening to Aura. The one-man project by Andy Marshall from Glasgow, Scotland formed in 2012 under the name Àrsaidh which means “Ancient” and “Archaic” in Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) and with this debut as Saor, Andy has given the world a true atmospheric folk inspired black metal release.

You could describe Saor as a fusion of styles inspired and influenced by Scottish folk, post-rock and atmospheric black metal while using traditional Celtic Folk instruments such as the tin whistle, bodhrán and bagpipes together with the raw power and sheer drive of black metal well blended with the atmospheric elements of post-rock. Lyrically, Saor is highly enlightened by Scottish heritage including highland landscapes, it’s culture and history as well as themes of sorrow.

Saor’s previous release from his previous name, Roots (2013) received much acclaim making it near the top of many album of the year playlists. I can see Aura continuing the trend by making into many more album of the year playlists as number one. The atmosphere, the well written instrumentations and just the album itself overall is treasure chest found in a vast ocean. I expect to see Saor making a mark in the underground metal community.




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