VISCERAL DISGORGE Guitarist Found Dead


The Maryland based Slamming Death Metal band VISCERAL DISGORGE suffered a sever loss as their guitarist was found dead this morning. The band release this statement on their Facebook page:

“It is with the deepest regret that I have to inform everyone in this manner. VISCERAL DISGORGE guitarist/key composer/original member Steve Rosenzweig was found dead this morning. We are not at liberty to discuss any details regarding his untimely death. I will try to post information on his viewing/funeral for those of you that knew Steve. This news came to a shock to all of us in the band and to his friends in the Baltimore death metal community. The remaining members are getting together tonight to mourn his passing and to discuss if we should carry on as a band. You will be missed greatly brother.”

We here at Metal Purgatory send our regards to the band members and family of Steve Rosenzweig. He will be missed by all and may he rest in peace playing brutal tunes with all the other great musicians.


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