VELDES – Skyward


There has been a big rise in atmospheric black metal projects popping up over the years and luckily, it is easy to spot out the ones who aren’t anything that hasn’t been done before but Veldes is something unique. Veldes is a atmospheric black metal project by Tilen Šimon hailing from Slovenia. Within his two years as a project, he has already released an amazing debut full length titled To Drown In Bleeding Hope last year and now returns this year with his EP titled Skyward.

Skyward is unlike any usual black metal release I have covered, or atleast in it’s entirety. It does draw ideals from many great aspects of the black metal genre and atmospheric world but is not a straight forward and familiar sound as well. Beginning the release with a sombre piano that draws itself into a straight depressive black metal sound isn’t unheard of but in this release, it all ties together perfectly like a portrait painted with all the right colors giving the viewers multiple emotions. There is depression, sadness, sorrow but in all of it, you feel moments of being at ease while listening to the EP. Tilen’s vocals are perfectly blended into the mix making Skyward fully rounded. The twists and turns also are a plus because there are no repetitive or boring moments. One moment you’re listening to a droning guitar chord and piano notes and the next you’re hearing aggressive and emotional black metal riffs.

Overall this release is what people want to hear in the black metal community. If you want originality, emotion, and all around something real, then you need to listen to this EP. Tilen has really put in all his effort and come a long ways within a year from the debut album. You can hear the progression from where he was to where he has come. There is nothing I can even say is wrong with this release, it is a masterpiece and I am glad I was able to listen to it and enjoy it and I suggest everyone should do the same.




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