ULVER Announces New Double Album Cryptically

12049558_10156220233445422_3877725396652581986_nUlver dropped Messe I.X-VI.X in 2013 and, while the album was amazing in every way, it threw a lot of fans off. Two years have passed and no word on what Ulver has been up to until now.

Now the band is back with a double album… and that’s all we know! If you enlarge that picture above, the cover says ATGCLVLSSCAP, which we believe is either an acronym for something or the band being cryptic.

Then there’s this website that comes along with the imagine. It’s called House of Mythology, it’s got the same symbol that’s on the front of the record and where you’re supposed to enter your email there’s a message above it that says STUDIOUS DECREPITUDE / EST. 2015.

So far all we know is that there is a double album in the works and Ulver is definitely up to something.


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