TRIVIUM’s Matt Heafy Collabs With Ihsahn on MRITYU


TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy discussed the status of his experimental black metal side project Mrityu, produced by ex-Emperor frontman Ihsahn in a new interview. Speaking with Revolver (via Blabbermouth), he revealed that he initially intended to work on the project anonymously:

“Mrityu was initially intended to be a black metal band that I was never going to tell anybody I was in. I was going to make the music, and it was going to be pretty true to the ’90s second wave-style-black metal – sort of like Darkthrone, early Dimmu Borgir, early Emperor.

He also stated that, while the project has its roots in black metal, it would encompass other musical styles:

“While Mrityu has its roots in black metal, it’s become something so much more. It’s not just black metal – it’s anything I’ve ever wanted to try. Ihsahn from Emperor will be producing it, and he’s co-written several songs with me. We’ll also be recording it in Notodden, Norway, where all the Emperor records were done. It’s just a matter of when. Ihsahn is incredibly busy and so is Trivium. But he and I stay in contact and we pass things back and forth. And we have quite a few songs written and quite a few demos. It’s going to be a dream come true when it happens.”

No firm release date for the project has yet been announced.


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