MANIPULATION Disengage New Album On Satanath Records

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Poland is known for its quality of death metal, right from the days of Vader, and decades later, bands from that country continue to impress. For a change, they’re not trying to recreate the glory days of death metal but manipulating the sound by imbibing it with modern influences. That is the only way the genre can evolve – by looking ahead and not reminiscing endlessly. The music remains furious and intense, but also has mechanized precision, massive, hulking grooves, and numerous variations that spice up the entire affair. The structures are vibrating with raw energy and the whole spin on death metal is not too unlike what bands like Yattering, Hate and even Behemoth did with the conventional death metal template, in their respective eras. Manipulation are a new force in death metal, consisting of members of well-entrenched bands, and are here to educate us on a new breed of modern death metal music that will shatter your eardrums all the same and will probably leave a gaping hole in the ground too when they’re done with it.

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