Guitarist Kevin Verlay is no longer in Mors Principium Est. The Finns announced that he left for personal reasons. His stint in the group was short. Verlay toured with the band in 2013 and joined officially in 2014. He now departs and Mors Principium Est say that they will look for a new guitarist in due time. Meanwhile, they will focus on the songwriting process for their next album.

The band wrote on their Facebook page: “We are more than sad to announce that Kevin decided to leave MPE for personal reasons. He was and still is a good friend and we wish all the best for Kevin. We will start to search for a new guitar player once we feel the time is right. At the moment we focus on finishing the song writings for our next album and we will use a session guitar player for possible live dates.”

So, at least they are focusing on getting the new album done!


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