FIXATION ON SUFFERING Sign to Rising Nemesis Records

Rising Nemesis Records welcomes FIXATION ON SUFFERING from the deepest pits of Basque country to their roster. Formed by Abur (Drums) and Oscar (Guitar), both former members of Cerebral Effusion teaming up with Pintxe (Vocals) (former Impure ) and DisJorge (Bass) (Virulency) this quartet was formed as an extreme Slamming Brutal Death Metal act inspired by the asphyxiating agony of enduring torture in prison, creating disgusting tunes that flows like blood from the soon-to-die prisoner who has been brutally abused! Expect a devastating, crushing CD EP combining Disgorge (USA)´s “Cranial Impalement” era and more modern acts like Abominable Putridity, etc.! “Revelation Of Tortured Imprisonment” will be released in Spring 2017 via RNR.
1. From Human Being To Human Latrine
2. Sacra(excre)ment Of Extreme unction
3. Your Ass Is Mine (
4. Skin Coated Cell
Release Date: TBA

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