Formed in 2013 from the depths of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania American Death Metal band outfit Post Mortal Possession are without question my top ten favorite bands in the community. From 2014 EP Possessing Entity to 2016’s Forest Of The Damned, Post Mortal Possession have returned to create a punishing, assaulted and relentless track titled Ingesting Sewage. Lyrically, atmospherically, musically and symbolically speaking Ingesting Sewage combines traditional and modernized Death Metal structures with a unique combination of guttural esque Brutal Death Metal instrumentals, imaginative chemistries and sensitive lyricism makes the song much more aggressive in a sense these dudes created naturalistic signatures with beautiful arrangements which in my opinion makes the variations a much more enjoyable experience. From sharped, toned, and phenomenally crafted drumming, Ingesting Sewage by Post Mortal Possession is a subterranean assault bringing out the band’s heaviest, constructed and polished singles the band has ever done. Instrumentation wise you can hear how Crystal clear the instrumentals are provided with every member has their astonishing touches of intelligence written all over it. At just clocking near five minutes in duration, Ingesting Sewage features the most impressive, diabolical and crafted pummeling Extreme Metal compositions I’ve heard all this year making Ingesting Sewage by Post Mortal Possession a absolute listen for any Death Metal fans.

Support this band by checking out the single through SLAM WORLDWIDE and Bandcamp to discover Possessing Entity and Forest Of The Damned.

Overall Score 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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