No Point In Living is a one-man depressive black metal project from Japan. With three releases this year alone, The Autumn is the fourth in Yu’s saga. Now unlike other DSBM releases, you will notice this album features solos but not just solos but extensive and long solos before getting into the black metal part. There are a lot of moments in each track that feel like a depressive journey with different chapters broken down which is done extremely well. The transitions and melodies in each track bring a new light making the album not feel mundane or repetitive.

Tracks like Fallen Leaves and The Autumn Moon are great examples of the level of complexity and thought provoking work that Yu has put into The Autumn. The guitar riffs throughout the album are well written and keep the black metal tone but also stand out as when they aren’t playing black metal riffs, they create haunting acoustic melodies and virtuous solos. Yu’s vocals also come few and far between within the first track but in tracks like Breathing and Aching, his haunting screeches and screams of agony fit perfectly to keep with the traditional DSBM sound.

Yu has done great work with the previous three releases this year and I believe The Autumn is the best yet of his work. This album is dark, depressive, haunting and beautiful all at the same time. The highlight of this album is the transitions and melodies that don’t feel out of place but completely add to the emotions of this album because nothing is worse than an album that does not portray the message or emotions it wanted to. The Autumn is a phenomenal release that completely belongs up there with Lifelover and Silencer.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen


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