NEPHREN-KA – La Grande Guerre de L’épice

French death metal band Nephren-Ka are back and have resurrected themselves into the French extreme music underground and created a wonderful album start to finish with La grande guerre de l’epice being the sophomore effort. This is basically if you took Black Seeds Of Vengeance era from technical death metal Nile with more depth and additional musical influences as their aspects from the blinding guitar riffage, characterized touches of extreme musicality and wrapping their minds into a production that’s not only improved compared to the debut full-length The Fall Of Omnius but this is more diverse, matured, heavier and overall extremely engaging. They’ve once again pulled their brutal assaults aside and cultivated the instrumentation to hear such sci-fi themed explorations, whirlwinds of chaotic drumming and a hugely satisfied enjoyable album that you’ll hear this year.

Musically, their structures almost brings out a Origin-esque as the vocals are not only similar but the song variations do standout to one another as the mixing, production and musicianship are absolutely fantastic. They’ve not only brought Death Metal to a whole new level but this album is pure aggression written all over it and if you are wanting some indistinguishable, frantic, and adrenaline then this album will surely bring extreme metal fans on their feet to hear an upcoming French band.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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