MYSTIFIER Announce New Album & Premiere New Track

On March 8th, 2019, Brazil-based black metallers Mystifier will release their fifth studio album, entitled Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia, via Season Of Mist. This will be their first studio effort after 17 years. It was recorded at Darkside Studio, with vocalist/bassist Sorcerer Do’Urden as producer. Mastering was handled by Neto Grous at Absolute Master Studio. The band is also excited to present new track, “Weighing Heart Ceremony”, now available for streaming.

Mystifier commented:

“After 17 years of hiatus, Mystifier returns with a new album demonstrating all devotion to the underground black metal that runs in our distorted veins, over a 30 year career. It’s our way of thanking all of our followers for all these years of extreme music support. There are no words to describe the role of everyone who was part of our story. There is much to come in the near future… Let’s open wide the gates for the Black Magick Dynasty.”

Track listing:

01. Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia
02. Weighing Heart Ceremony
03. Witching Lycanthropic Moon
04. Akhenaton (Son Mighty Sun)
05. Six Towers Of Belial’s Path
06. Demoler Las Torres Del Cielo (En Nombre Del Diablo)
07. Soultrap Sorcery Of Vengeance
08. (Introcucione d’la Melodia Mortuoria) Thanatopraxy
09. Al Nakba (666 Days Of War)
10. Chiesa Dei Bambini Molestati


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