OAK Announce Debut Album

Funeral doom metal band OAK have announced their debut full length, “Lone”, which is set to be released later in the year via Transcending Obscurity Records.

The band’s official announcement reads as follows:

“We are pleased to announce that our first full length album “Lone” will be released this year through Transcending Obscurity Records.

The album was produced and mixed by Ricardo Oliveira Stone Sound Studio (The Ominous Circle, Colosso) and contains a continuous 51- walk torture towards unimaginable loss. The artwork for “Lone” was painted by the notorious Paolo Girardi.

This piece represents a long journey where you find yourself in the middle of multiple scenarios and you can almost see the landscaping as you hear the gigantic sounds that echo through all of those places. From the burden one could carry to hold this world to the claustrophobic maze that traps your soul.”

While most details of the album are still scarce, the band did reveal the stunning new artwork for the album, which hopefully the music lives up to.


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