KING CONQUER Lay Project To Rest

Deathcore band King Conquer have announced that they are planning on laying the project to rest. While at least one more song and show have yet to be announced, they will be the final release and performance from the band.

The band’s announcement reads as follows:

“Remember that status we posted about all the old deathcore bands making a comeback in 2019… We are sorry to inform you that we won’t be one of those bands. This band did a lot in a short amount of time, but life got in the way. We were a thriving band when America was in a horrible recession and it made it very hard to make ends meet with housing and families. One dude in the industry that actually gave a shit about us that we would like to thank is Dan Defonce, he did more for us than anyone ever did and always believed in the band (He still does actually). Thank you to all the present, past, and deceased members of King Conquer. We WILL be putting out one last song, and we WILL be playing one last show with a bunch of friends in Florida. Thank you to every person that ever watched us play. The shows we played were hands down some of the most violent shows ever. We will forever miss the days of violent deathcore. If Molotov Solution does a reunion tour… Call us!

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