NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE Sign To Redefining Darkness Records

Canadian black metal outfit Nocturnal Departure have signed to Redefining Darkness Records. The signing follows the release of their debut album, “Cathartic Black Rituals”, which was released earlier this month via Les Fleurs du Mal Productions. Physical preorders for the album are now available for preorders via Redefining Darkness Records:

Redefining Darkness Records had the following to say:

“Very proud to announce our latest signing, NOCTURNAL DEPARTURE from Winnipeg. It’s been a while since my last Black Metal release, and upon hearing this album, I knew I had to work with them.
This release gave me the same feeling as when I first heard Mayhem “De Mysteriis”, Enslaved “Eld”, Marduk “Those of the Unlight” and other greats…. that is definitely a rare occurrence for me. If you dig the early 90’s Norwegian and Swedish Black Metal Scene, this is definitely for you!”


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