OVNEV Provide Update On New Album

West Maddox, the sole member of black metal project Ovnev, shed some light on the state of the project’s upcoming album. Work on the drums has been complete, and tracking for the vocals will commence soon. It’s also been revealed that a guest solo will feature on the album, however who the guest is hasn’t been revealed.

The full statement on the Ovnev’s Facebook page reads:

“Quick update: Drum edits for hours this weekend. Also, I finished writing all of the lyrics yesterday. The theme is complete and it is an intense journey. I am just retraining my voice for a bit so I can record the vocals soon. After that, all that is left to track is a special guest that will be laying down a solo. The album art is complete as well, a massive landscape by Jordan Grimmer Art. I am thrilled to be working with such skilled people on this album and am excited to unveil more details in the near future.”

Ovnev’s last album, “Incalescence”, was released in 2017 via Naturmacht Productions.


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