SHRINE OF MALICE To Release Debut Album On Halloween

Blackened deathcore band Shrine of Malice have announced their debut album, “Sheol”. The first single, “Death Hunt”, was released as a stand-alone track on September 1st.

The band posted the following announcement:

“This album began construction directly after we completed our first effort, “Malignance” last year. From the start of this album to its ending, we have poured our all into this record to create songs that we truly believe came from the most inner workings of who we are. With many long memorable nights, travels to unify and collaborate on the making of this album, we are more than excited to present “Sheol” as the next chapter of Shrine of Malice.

Reaching over an hour’s worth of some of the most intense music we have written yet, “Sheol” is the tale of what we have experienced and felt throughout 2019, a year of darkness, enlightenment and unification. From awakening the mind and growing to learn that we each play a role in this world we have cast ablaze, this is only the beginning.”

Track listing for “Sheol” is as follows:

1. Kiss of the Wind
2. The Awakening
3. The Prince Testament
4. Tome of Hellfire
5. Z (Lost In The Cold)
6. Death Hunt
7. The Left Hand
8. Carnal Beast
9. Voiceless
10. Infernal Darkness
11. Dominion of the Secular
12. Willow Ov Death
13. Coffin

Sheol” is set to release on Halloween.


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