FIRESPAWN – Abominate

Swedish death metal is something I will always come back again, again and again hearing the most furious, executed and stylistic ingredients within the genre for many times I can listen to. Meet Firespawn, a Swedish death metal outfit formed in 2015 featuring members from Necrophobic, Entombed, Dark Funeral and Naglfar. Abominate is the third full-length release and is the continuation to 2017’s The Reprobate which became my first introduction to Firespawn. Now, if you been following Entombed or any Swedish death metal band for what they’ve contributed for generations to come, Firespawn does exactly the same vein by keeping the tradition alive and kicking.

From incredible textures of atmosphere, recreational guitar melodies, heavy and groovy sections of overtaken centerpiece nostalgic instrumentals and indecipherable lyrics, Abominate to me feels extremely similar to Entombed’s Left Hand Path but more or so leaning towards a heavier, and non predictable album I’ve heard in the genre. Second half of Abominate is a absolute masterpiece allowing the production and best experienced quality that brings highlighted aggressions where you can encounter terrifying atmospherics and matching clearer sounded singing performances. Brutal, heavy, gory and dark, Abominate demonstrates the most magnificent, consistent and legendary foreshadows music has come a very long ways in the early 90’s.

While describing the blitzkrieg realization of death metal, deep blue impacts and imitated Swedish records of the last two decades, this record caught contemporary imaginations, traumatic experiences, blunt force trauma and encompassing philosophical musings about nature of death, horror, primacy of self-contained glory, members from Firespawn portrayed a sunless landscape that perfectly summarizes raw, eschewing and formalism of death-thrash while combining distorted instrumentals and eerie, death n’ roll influences and obscenely aggressive and oeuvre catchments.

Abominate not only re-imagined the Gothenburg scene, but it has excellent detergents of memorable lingers and without question, a absolute recommendation for anyone experiencing death metal in general. It’s a album showing communication, diversity, encouragement, death, evolution and a degree of tendency. A true modern day masterpiece and extremely recommended for fans of Left Hand Path era of Entombed, Morbid Angel, Bloodbath and Vomitory will absolutely love this.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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