POSSESSED – Revelations Of Oblivion

Possessed are an American death/thrash metal band formed in 1983, from San Francisco, California and been stated as godfathers of the death metal genre and one of the very first to incorporate both death metal and thrash. Revelations Of Oblivion is Possessed’s first album in over 33 years, but did it live up to the potential and hype surrounding their last release being 1986’s Beyond The Gates? My humblest opinion, it absolutely did.

From genuine death metal growls, demonic sound, diabolical drums, chaotic and shredded traces of melody and sorts of whammy effects makes this album hellish beginning to end. But throughout the band’s existence, their debut full-length Seven Churches became a landmark for generations to come alongside Master Of Puppets, Hell Awaits, Bounded By Blood, Pleasure To Kill and many more influential thrash albums but Revelations Of Oblivion takes Possessed to whole new approach whole maintaining that diabolical, mid tempo crushers, unusual and unpredictable signature legendary brutality and doomy atmosphere sets apart a straightforward setting of headbanging with amazing songwriting that fans came to love and witness how far they’ve came.

From tracks including Shadowcult, Dominion, Graven and No More Room in Hell their lyrical content is derived from a horror film of the same name discussing themes from tormenting victims, destroying everything in people’s paths and unleashing unauthorized authentic attitude affinity for Satanism that’s absolutely dedicated with sharp brutality, dedicated and unknown manner of indication sub-genres of direct superfluous and meticulously explosions of thought-out anger, desperation, enormous, well illustrated and established accomplished extreme metal goodness that’s absolutely benefiting for the album’s disgusting themes and transparent, well-balanced and powerful production value easily manages a corrective state of mind that articulated darkness, unmistakable contemporaries and compassionate compositions bring out excellent challenges that Possessed utilize a masterpiece so unforgettable you’ll have to listen to the album just to get these contexts displayed. It’s one of the best albums in decades and I highly recommend listening to this because it shows how egocentric and appreciative Revelations Of Oblivion is all about.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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