CAUSTIC WOUND Release Debut Single

Caustic Wound, a grindcore band featuring members of Cerebral Rot and Mortiferum, have released their debut single, titled “Uranium Decay”. The two-minute song comes from the band’s debut album, “Death Posture”. It can be streamed here, or on any major platform:

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Death Posture
2. Cemetery Planet
3. Visions Of Torture
4. Black Bag Asphyxiation
5. Terror Bomber
6. Blast Casualty
7. Ritual Trappings
8. Uranium Decay
9. Cabal
10. Acid Attack
11. Invisible Cell
12. Guillotine
13. Automated Weapons Systems
14. Cataclysmic Gigaton

Death Posture” will be released on April 10th via Profound Lore Records.


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