SPECTRAL LORE Release Animated Lyric Video

An animated lyric video for Spectral Lore‘s 13-minute long track “Uranus” (from the new split with Mare Cognitum – Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine) is now available for streaming.

Spectral Lore’s Ayloss commented:

“I’m proud to share the first lyric video ever created for Spectral Lore, produced by Nebula Designs and featuring original artwork by the amazing Carlos Agraz – The Art of Asty. “Uranus” is perhaps my favorite track from the new album in terms of lyrical content. It takes the story of the mythological gods Uranus and Gaia and gives it a bit of a spin to talk about the eternal struggle between man and woman, men’s fears of confronting the worst aspects of our masculinity and the necessity of change and resolution. Not a light concept for sure, but I hope I’ve given it justice. I’ve been very satisfied with the end result which goes artistically beyond the typical lyric video, so I hope you enjoy it as well.”


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